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Anne Underhill

Welcome to my website, Kidsbooks4nooks!

Here you can buy my books, download free printables to go with them, learn more about me, get sneak peaks of what I'm working on next, read some of my unpublished stuff and get in touch.


I realized at a young age that I had a talent for rhyming poetry, in fact, I remember at 5 years old, handing in my first ever poem to the teacher, only to be accused of cheating and being told off for getting my mum to do it for me!


I have used poetry through the years to express all manner of things. My love to my husband, to cheer up friends and colleagues, to apologise for mistakes and to wish many good lucks, happy birthdays, congratulations and so on. I’ve always found a good poem the easiest way to express myself. Now, a mother of 2 adorable little darlings, I have put this talent to some good use at last writing children’s stories. I write for my children and often about them! I try to make my stories relatable and I want children and parents everywhere to enjoy my work. If I can make just a handful of people smile when they read my books, I will be a very happy lady!

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Available now

A Most Peculiar Day

The elephant says, "I don't suppose,

You'd let me stick my big long nose,

Into your pool", then with a sigh,

"The watering hole has gone all dry."

Oh no! The watering hole has dried out!

Find out what happens when a whole host of bad mannered jungle animals turn up in a little boy's back garden looking for water!

new cover.jpg

"I'm just not sleepy, can't you see? I've got a lot more play in me!"
With a pet whale to catch, a mermaid to meet, a monster to befriend and a royal ball to attend, there's definitely no time for sleep...or is there...?


I'm Just Not Sleepy!

Quest For The Dragon Egg

When pesky pirates steal the dragon's egg, the entire kingdom sets out to save it!. Choose your own path through this interactive adventure. 

Will you be brave enough to take on the "Quest For The Dragon Egg"?

dragon cover.jpg

Hairbrush Horrors

The heroine in this story is afraid of nothing...except the hairbrush!

She will happily face all sorts of frightening things, but when Mum comes brandishing that brush, she runs and hides.

Follow her on a hilarious journey of monsters and mayhem. Will she find a use for the dreaded hairbrush after all?

hh cover.jpg

Destination: Space Vacation

Get ready for an amazing adventure with a loveable alien!

He's searching the solar system for the perfect holiday hot spot, but with the help of a new friend, he learns why each planet may not be quite as much fun a it seems!

Discover amazing facts about our solar system!

This book will take you on an exciting journey that will ignite your children curiosity and love for space exploration! 

Prepare to blast off into a world of fun!

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Word Quest

Maze Mission

Spot The Difference 
Hairbrush Horrors

Zombie Colouring Page

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A Most Peculiar Day Colouring Page

Jungle Wordsearch

Meerkat Maze

I'm Just Not Sleepy! Colouring Page

I'm Just Not Sleepy! Wordsearch

Dragon Colouring


Dragon and Baby Colouring

Hairbrush Horrors - Girl Power Colouring Page

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Poem of the Month

Secret Chums

By Anne Underhill

There are some things about our house my parents do not know.

Like when you pull the bath plug, where does all the water go?

A massive, greedy crocodile is hiding underneath,

And if you peer down deep enough, you’ll see his glistening teeth!

I don’t want him to have too much or he might pop, I fret.

I make sure I slosh plenty out, but make the floor all wet.

Mums not happy at the mess she always tuts and sighs.

Its better that, than crocs insides, at least the water dries!


Then there’s the toilet problem, where I never, ever flush.

My dad thinks that I just forget, because I’m in a rush.

But no! That’s not the case you see, it’s not me being lazy.

If my parents knew the truth, I’m sure they would go crazy!

Behind the loo, under the pipe, there is a beetles nest.

They’re dung beetles to be precise, Mum wouldn’t be impressed.

So when I’ve done my business, they Climb up onto the seat.

The clue is in the name, bet you can guess what those guys eat.

I wouldn’t hurt a single one, so never pull the chain.

I wouldn’t want my beetle buddies whirling down the drain!


And when I leave my dinner and mum throws it in the bin,

Its just because my monster mate is hiding deep within.

It’s where he crouches all day long, just waiting for his meal.

If mum looked in and saw his hairy snout, how she would squeal!

Instead I get told off, but it is worth it in the end.

I’d rather get in trouble, than deprive my monster friend.

The yuckier the better, bits of cabbage, soggy sprout.

He gobbles up the lot before he quietly creeps out.


And all the clothes upon my floor? The wardrobe open wide?

Of course its for my lama BFF that sleeps inside.

Twice a day I brush my teeth I always clean the sink.

But then the lama does his too, or else his breath would stink!

And lamas spit a lot, I just don’t have the time to clean it.

I barely get to hide him before Dads already seen it!


So if you do have children, stop and think before you shout.

About the sinks, the smelly loos, the clothes laying about.

It may not simply be because your child is a slob,

And doesn’t care if all the mess gives you an extra job.

To all the angry parents raging dads and moaning mums

Is your child helping out his special secret chums..?

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